UK Motorway Services are something to behold

So, I won’t go on about Oxford, it’s all been said before, and on a grey, drab wintry day, it didn’t look as inspiring as it otherwise might. The UK motorway services, on the other hand, are something to behold.

Not here the basic and uninspired choices of dried up ham and cheese, roast chicken or egg mayo sarmies (that’s how they say it south of the equator, sarnies in the north).  Even our mildly exotic BLT would be hard pressed to hold its own in this mix. Hell no, they take it to a whole new level here.

Just check this out, guys… I mean, brie and grape, smoked salmon and prawn and even a festive turkey with pigs in blankets… did you ever hear of such a thing?  It’s innovation on a sandwich!

We certainly don’t get anything like it where we make our much-needed pitstops, or anywhere else for that matter.  And it’s not as though we don’t need that kind of inspiration with the endless distances along straight-as-a-die roads that we travel.

And it doesn’t stop there. Feel like a flutter on a fruit machine? You can indulge your little addiction here with ease at the handily kitted out, roadside casino booths.

And, if satisfying that little personal issue takes the whole night long, well that’s no problem either.  Get rid of that lost-my-shirt taste in the mouth with a toothbrush/toothpaste combo from a vending machine. Yep, you read that right, they have on-the-road, teeth cleaning stuff right there, in a vending machine and at your disposal (get it?).  You’ll find them in the loos, just check the photo.

But wait… for the POMS out there who are, quite justifiably, feeling rather smart and superior right now, just check out the last photo and feel that all quickly fade away.  The smart sarmies/sarnies, the haven for gambling addicts and the oddly sited dental hygiene opportunities all pale into insignificance when one can behold the magnificent and prehistoric beauty of rhino seen from the bathroom window of the Alzu PetroPort near Middelburg, South Africa.

Yep, just take a little drive from Joburg towards the Kruger National Park and you can do just that when you stop for a wee.  Now, let’s not go down the road of asking why there’s a viewing window in the loo, since I can’t really begin to answer that, but what drawcard!

And before you say it, yes, I know there’s something a little odd about taking photos of sarmies and bathroom vending machines, but it’s all in the name of fun and entertainment.

Ever onward guys…

2 Replies to “UK Motorway Services are something to behold”

    1. Hey Anne! Thanks for the comment. I have a post coming on Tebay but don’t know Gloucester at all (mental note for next visit). I agree it’s on another level altogether.


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