Best ever poppadoms?

Well, my best ever experience of poppadoms was in the newly opened and unlikely named Danuchini Brasserie in Binfield, Berkshire.

These were light and melt in the mouth wonders, served with a variety of sambals.  Particularly good was the lime pickle. Now, I’m no lime pickle girl, to be honest, but this was clearly made by an expert with a light touch, so good did it taste, and with perfectly balanced flavours.

Poppadums served with a variety of sambals

To add to an altogether pleasant meal, was the comedic service. These guys should be on the stage… they were funny!  The only bit that didn’t grab me with delight was when the waiter inadvertently bashed me on the head with a stack of plates however, all was forgiven and a great meal enjoyed by all.

Nothing like a good Indian beer with curry!

If you want to give them a try, you’ll find them at:

Daruchini Brasserie, St Mark’s Road, Binfield RG42 4AJ

Tel: 01344 409 928


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