Good for your bum… and other stuff

There are all manner of really interesting things for sale in the UK, both in shops and increasingly, online.  So much so that you can spend hours entertaining yourself and laughing at what’s on offer… of course, you could also be like me and take photos of them all too!

I wasn’t really looking for any of these, but in the course of doing my shopping (always a delight there because of the variety on offer), here are a few that I will share with you.

Now I won’t go much into the online stuff, as that can cross every line known to man, but here’s one interesting one that caught my eye.

Check out the loo paper sold online by  Now, I’m sure there are just a huge number of you who are right now quickly checking Google to see if I’m talking… well, taking nonsense, which you’re welcome to do, as 50% of the profits from the sale of this stuff is donated to help build toilets around the world, where they’re needed.  Like in South Africa, I’m sure… although, we have them just standing in the veldt, doing nothing and helping no one.  Anyway, it certainly beats that 3-ply paper that was everywhere over there a short while ago, and I now see making inroads in South Africa too.

As far as the stuff in the shops is concerned, here are a few that might tickle your fancy.  This little source of amusement is stick on toe warmers that I found at Millets.  Yep, that’s right, toe warmers… and here I thought that’s what socks are for.  I really can’t imagine that they’ll last, stuck on your toes, for very long and I wasn’t going to spend whatever daft amount they were asking for to try, but unless you’re planning an arctic expedition along the lines of Scott or Amundsen’s, I would give these a miss.

Bright yellow banana keepers are just great for, well keeping bananas from getting squashed. My daughter had one of these for a few years at the end of high school.  I have the sneaky feeling that it was more a source of evil comments and snickers in her all-girls’ school, than anything to do with bananas, but you’ll find them at Lakeland if you’re desperate!

Yogurt, rice pudding and, wait for it, sugared cold drinks, come in almost every flavour known to man, with even Coca-cola joining the fray with cherry coke.

But who knew that you could also buy it in vanilla (kind of makes sense), peach (gasp!) and even, exotic mango (shock, horror!).  Well, here’s the photo to prove it to those disbelievers among you.

Suffice to say that the Saffas among you must be happy that this, along with a huge number of other favourites, can be found just about everywhere, and the quality is really great.

A great one is this set of Aldi reusable shopping bags that fit into your trolley and simply lift out into the car when you’re done.  They’re just great for that big monthly shop and will help enormously when you’re at the till battling to load onto the conveyor and pack at the same time.

Carrot cake preserve was another. Now, why didn’t someone think of this sooner?   Yep, that muffin spread with butter and slathered with carrot cake-tasting, sugary sweetness just goes down a treat with a cup of tea in the mornings.

And if that’s not sweet enough for you, go overboard with Cadbury’s Crunchie Spread.  You’ll be in sugar heaven… try it on gooey, chocolate cupcakes.

I could go on indefinitely and do a whole series on what’s in the shops in the UK, that would keep you and me amused for weeks, but for now, that’s it… happy reading!




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