The Mediterranean

I just happened to be in a part of old Joburg the other day that I hadn’t visited in a long while.  On my back from my appointment, I realised I was driving along Jules Street, and that reminded me that I couldn’t be far from that amazing Portuguese fish market, The Mediterranean.

As I drove further and neared the corner where the blue awnings signaled its location, I saw to my regret that it was no longer there. How could this be I wondered since it had generally been packed on a Saturday, but again, it was several years since I had been there, and perhaps like so many others, it had fallen on hard times.

Not wanting to give up on what had been a Joburg landmark and a particular favourite of mine, I also noted the general and more recent decay of the area.  Wondering if this had perhaps prompted a move, I consulted your friend and mine, Google maps, and there it was, in Malvern East, just a few kilometres away and a much better area … so off I headed.  And how glad I am that I didn’t give up.

By sheer coincidence, the new premises had just opened the previous day, and what new premises they are!  A big new, secure carpark leads to the entrance of the new supermarket that is massive in comparison to the rather cramped quarters of before. But still with the same amazing and authentic variety of seafood at such great prices.

Entering the store the first thing that caught my eye is how clean, bright and fresh the whole place looks, with the high ceilings lending an air of openness and space.  Fresh fruit and veg, a new addition from the previous store, grace the entrance, along with a vast selection of nuts and dried fruits of every imaginable variety.

Next, come the extensive fish counter and freezers stocked with piles of fresh and frozen fish and seafood, especially prawns… and fishmongers ready and waiting to prep it all in whichever way you want.  There wasn’t a variety of local fish missing from what I could see, plus shelves of bacalhau imported from Portugal.  It’s a fish lover’s dream!

The butchery is, as previously, well-stocked and equally well priced with good quality cuts. There were shelves of every type, size, and variety of bottled mediterranean chilli sauce, peri-peri of course featuring strongly.

A great deli counter with meats and olives aplenty, along with a huge selection of cheeses, will make for a spread of petiscos, or Portuguese tapas, to grace the best of summer tables.

As before, Italian foods feature almost as strongly as the Portuguese, so for foodies of either cuisine, this is a must to visit.

So, next time you’re in the vicinity of Bedfordview, take a spin down the road a kilometre or two.  You’ll find it at the junction of Parker and Pandora Roads, in Malvern East just along from the Assumption Convent School. It really is worth a visit!

The Mediterranean Fish Shop

Tel: 011 622 1328


2 Replies to “The Mediterranean”

  1. Hi Linda, you sure get around 😊. I will definitely give it a visit. I make quite a mean seafood pasta (even if I say so myself) and I normally buy my fish/prawns etc at a fish deli near Impala Fruit & Veggie (Northcliff).
    I grew up in Kensington and the Assumption Convent was my first (primary grades) school. I think the nuns will turn in their graves when I pass by 😂


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