Sunbeam kind of day

Life can be full of challenges and demands that can sometimes be a little overwhelming, to say the least… and then there are those days that the stars align, and every little sunbeam in the sky turns its bright little face in your direction, bathing you in happiness and positive experiences.

I had just such a day last weekend.  It was one of those wonderful days that make life worth living, brings happy connections with special people and re-charges your ever depleting batteries to face life with a smile again.  And, it all started off quite simply, really.

I had been looking for a while for a new lamp for my spare bedroom, all to no avail. I mean, have you seen the selection on offer these days? It’s really uninspiring. But then I happened to chance on a lamp on facebook marketplace… and that just started it all off.

I first found one with a lovely lady in Parkhurst. She just had one of those lovely smiles that totally engulfs you in its genuineness.  The lamp, however, was a little dirty and the shade was patently the wrong size for the base by a long measure.  It was fitted by one of those funny little old-fashioned metal contraptions, so the shade hung from the top, rather than screwing into the light holder. So transfixed was I by the dazzling smile that I happily paid a bit over the top and bought it.

My Parkhurst lamp with new, right size, shade

My next little find was with a quietly charming lady in Bryanston, who had an equally charming lamp, with a rather grubby lampshade atop a very long-stemmed base.  I wasn’t quite sure how this was going to fit my requirements but rather liked the funny little leaf thing on the top of the shade fitting.  What really sold me on it though was the seller who smilingly told me she had looked me up on facebook, probably to check I wasn’t an axe murderer, and liked my blog.  Since I always like the people that like my blog (who wouldn’t?),  I proffered my dosh and made off with my find.

My Bryanston lamp, casting a pleasing glow

The last experience, however, was the best of all.

I had found this particular lamp, which was underwhelmingly described as ‘a silver lamp’, by chance, and rather liked its old fashioned charm and funny little brass electrical fitting, so decided to go and have a look.

As I arrived, I found the house was actually a B & B and quite charming in a really different kind of way.  Above the threshold, mounted on the wall, was a huge fish structure made rather cleverly from pickaxe heads that formed the bony structure.  Emerging from the house was a beaming, quite humble man who gestured me into the door.

As I walked in I was enthralled by the really different, open layout of the house and the extraordinary furnishings and decor.  To start with, the kitchen was to the left of the front door, down a few steps and completely open to the entrance, except for a low glass screen that kept any mess discretely hidden.

A massive dresser extended to the full height of the room, topped off by two huge pewter candelabras.  Lamps, artifacts and other assorted items were dotted around the large entrance, in the room to the right and flowed into the garden beyond. It was really enticing and a lovely space.

And there, sitting on top of the entrance table was a beautiful, if rather forlorn, lamp base with a rather dusty, pleated fabric lampshade.  It would look rather fetching in my lounge, I thought.  Yes, I had now progressed from a lamp for the spare room, into a lamp that I didn’t need for my lounge.

Happily paying this lovely man a very small amount of money, I smilingly left with a warm glow.  Isn’t it amazing how a few pleasant experiences, with some really ordinary, but lovely people can so beautifully transform your day? It quite restored my faith in the human race.

My beautiful Pretoria lamp, with its magnificent, Edwardian base

The very best bit though came when I got home and cleaned all my finds and reassembled them. The rather sad looking Edwardian-styled lamp base turned out to be from Goldsmith Company in Regent Street, London and is a beautiful example of their silver-plated Edwardian candlesticks that someone had later re-purposed as a lamp.

Oh, and just for those of you wondering… no, I didn’t find the lamp for my spare room, but I did find some wonderful, ordinary people, that made my day rather special.  And my silver lamp, with it’s cleaned up lampshade, now stands rather beautifully in my lounge, casting a pleasing glow around it… a bit like the warm glow I had at the end of a sunbeam kind of day.

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