My story

Spurred on by the reception of past Facebook posts from trips and other activities, I got to thinking of bigger things… and thinking is about as far as I got.   Now, with a greater ideal in mind, I’ve finally got my act together and here it is… my personal blog: Confession of a Life Freak.

It’s my first step into the unknown world of WordPress, building followers and social media sharing.  My first effort at writing for the consumption of others (and that’s a scary thing in itself).  And it’s also my take on life, food, and travel.

      • Life, because it’s funny in all of its convolutions, twists, and turns, its trials and tribulations, and its unexpected successes and unwanted failures.  It’s a learning experience from day one and the lessons never end.
      • Food, because it is an all-consuming passion. I cannot seem to learn, taste or sample enough of it, from every culture and creed.  Then, preparing it myself for the enjoyment of friends and family.  It’s an ongoing source of entertainment and delight, a thing to share and relish.
      • Travel, because there is just nothing else like it!  Whether it’s local or far distant, there’s always something new to see or experience.  It’s a never-ending source of amusement, entertainment and great for developing content.

My views come from observing myself, others and our actions with a humorous eye.  It comes from my sense of the ridiculous that presents itself in (hopefully) light-hearted humour.

Well, you shall be the judge of whether I achieved what I set out to achieve.  Your actions alone in reading, liking and following, sharing and dispersing my words to the greater world, will be the measure of my success.  But more than anything, if it makes you smile, lightens and brightens your day, lifts the clouds from your eyes, then what greater success could I aspire to?


Linda Evans